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Falls….One of the leading cause of serious injuries among the elderly.

Is it difficult getting in and out of your tub or shower and are you concerned about falling? Our 42” double rail handle will reach from the outside of your standard tub or shower and extend 42” to the inside allowing you to hold onto the strong and sturdy hand rail every step you make entering and exiting. The strong and sturdy hand rail is “secured” and will not move or rotate, giving you the support and confidence you need and greatly reduces the risk of slipping and falling. The double rail handle allows you to use the upper rail while standing, then use the lower rail while sitting in a shower chair. Our patent pending off-set handle allows the pole to be installed at an off-set location so not to interfere with the person getting in and out of the tub or shower. It is adjustable to any person’s height and installation only takes about 25-35 minutes. Hand rail can support up to 250 lbs. (with 2” deflection and no permanent deformation). Fits standard ceiling heights 93″ – 99″ (optional extension is available up to 10′ ceilings). Paint:  100% Powder Coat, textured finish. Shipping weight:  36 lbs.

IMPORTANT:  We recommend sitting in a shower chair and using a hand held shower wand when using this product because the shower door or curtain must remain open 4”- 6” allowing the handle to extend inside.

The Shower and Tub Personal Assistant™ Is Ideal For:
⇒ Assisted Mobility
⇒ Assistance Entering & Exiting Your Shower or Tub
⇒ Provides Balance and Support When Standing
⇒ Fall Prevention
⇒ Those Recovering From Certain Surgeries
⇒ Amputees, Veterans, & Seniors
⇒ Stroke Victims


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