Self Assist Walk-Around™


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Walk, Walk, Walk….With Confidence!

Are you recovering from an injury or surgery with Doctor’s orders to walk, walk, walk? Walking therapy is very difficult for the disabled and the elderly. They need something strong and sturdy to hold onto for balance and support while walking.
Our exclusive patent pending Self Assist Walk-Around™ is unlike anything available on the market. It allows the person to adjust the amount of walking resistance using the patent pending built-in brake system’s adjustment knobs to increase or decrease resistance. The 360 degree rotating double hand rail is adjustable to any height, making it comfortable for short or tall people. When you have walked one complete circle, you have walked 21 feet. This product requires a minimum of 7’6″ diameter of open space in the room. Can support up to 300 lbs. (with 2″ deflection with no permanent deformation). Installation takes about 25-30 minutes.

The Self Assist Walk-Around Is Ideal For

⇒ Walking Therapy
⇒ Assisted Mobility
⇒ Post-Op Exercise
⇒ Physical Rehab Exercise
⇒ Help Getting Up Out of Your Chair or Sofa
⇒ Veterans, Amputees (prosthetics), and Seniors
⇒ Those recovering from Hip or Knee Surgery


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