Pillow Side Help-Mate™


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My wife can get out of the bed so much easier thanks to this product, it only took me maybe 30 minutes to install.
I would recommend it!


When recovering from back surgery my pillow side bar made getting out of bed not as much as a task as it had been. I still use it today.


Get Out of Bed Easier, Faster and Safer….

You will be surprised at what this well-built double rail grab bar will do for you, whether you are young or old, or somewhere in between, our patent pending Pillow Side Help-Mate™ truly lives up to its name.

If you are generally mobile, but you are overweight to the point that you struggle to change sleeping positions, and it is very difficult getting up to a standing position, our Pillow Side Help-Mate™ allows you to easily push or pull yourself to a different sleeping position. Then you can pull and  maneuver yourself to a sitting position on the side of the bed. Now push yourself up to a standing position using the Pillow Side Help-Mate™. Now you can get out of bed much easier, faster and safer. It is adjustable to any bed height and installation takes about 20-30 minutes It can support up to 300 lbs. (with 1″ deflection with no permanent deformation). Fits standard ceiling heights 93″ – 99″ (optional extension is available up to 10′ ceilings). Paint:  100% Powder coat, textured finish. Shipping weight:  33 lbs.

Optional Elliptical-Trapeze Attachment available.

Watch our video on our Product Videos Page to learn more.

The Pillow Side Help-Mate™ Is Ideal For:

⇒ Assisted Mobility
⇒ Help Getting Up Out of Bed
⇒ Push or Pull to Change Sleep Position
⇒ Those Recovering from Hip or Knee Surgery
⇒ Stroke Victims


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