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Your Mobility in the Kitchen is Very Important….

The kitchen is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house, especially for the elderly. Whether you are preparing a meal, getting a snack, making a cup of coffee, or getting something from the fridge, our new patent pending Kitchen-Carousel™ offers a safe and convenient way of getting around in the kitchen. If you live alone and are vulnerable to falling, this product will give back the confidence you need to feel safe in your kitchen again. It provides a strong and sturdy hand rail for support and balance while walking around in the kitchen. It is adjustable to any person’s height.

How it works: It is mounted from floor to ceiling at approximately center of your kitchen, giving the double hand rail enough room to comfortably rotate and reach all or most destinations in the kitchen. The bread basket is mounted to the front of the hand rail making it easy to travel throughout the kitchen and placing items inside, all while walking and holding onto the strong and sturdy hand rail. The patent pending brake system easily increases or decreases the rotation resistance by simply turning the brake knobs. In addition, the double hand rail can be stored out of the way when company visits, simply by loosening the brake knobs and raising the rail up and out of the way. Choose handle length that best fits your kitchen size; 24”, 32” and 42” lengths available. For very large kitchens, you may need 2 carousels to have full access to your kitchen. Installation takes about 25-30 minutes and it supports up to 300 lbs. (with 2” deflection with no permanent deformation). Fits standard ceiling heights 93″ – 99″ (optional extension is available up to 10′ ceilings). Paint:  100% Powder Coat, textured finish. Shipping weight:  40 lbs.

Watch our video on our Product Videos Page to learn more.

The Kitchen Carousel™ Is Ideal For:

⇒ Assisted Mobility
⇒ Assistance Entering & Maneuvering in the Kitchen
⇒ Provides Balance and Support When Walking and Standing
⇒ Fall Prevention

⇒ Those Recovering From Certain Surgeries
⇒ Amputees, Veterans, & Seniors


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