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The Get out of bed system has really helped me with getting out of the bed, and I can walk around my bed while holding onto the rotating handle.
Their service was excellent, they are top notch in my book!

Sue, Ga

I have been helping my husband get out of his bed and chair for three years since his stroke.
I now have serious back problems due to pulling and tugging on him.
We installed the Get Out-of-Bed System™ with the Trapeze Attachment and the Chair Help-Mate™ beside his lift chair. He is getting out
of bed and his chair by himself. Thank you for these wonderful products!

Mrs. Crosby

Is It Difficult Getting Out of Bed?

We Have Solutions!

Our New Patent Pending Get Out-of-Bed System™ makes the process of getting out of bed much, much easier and safer. In addition, this product can greatly reduce the possibility of falling around the bedside. This system consists of two products working together as a “System” allowing the person to use two handles assisting them to a full standing position beside the bed. Optional trapeze attachment available.

How It Works: The main pole extends from floor to ceiling and is locked in place by adjusting the “Jack Screw” at the bottom of the pole. This incredible Get Out-of-Bed System™ is unlike anything available on the market. It allows the person to use the pillow side grab bar to pull their head up off the pillow just enough they can reach the extended rotating handle. Next using both handles, the person can easily pull themselves to a sitting position on the side of the bed. Continuing to use both hands and handles, the person can raise themselves to a standing position. Now using the strong rotating handle for balance and support, the person can walk around to the rear of the bed. Depending on the layout of your room, it is possible to walk from the bed to the dresser and then to the exiting door of the room all while holding onto the rotating handle (see photos in sequence).

The rotating handle has a built-in patent pending brake system that allows you to increase or decrease resistance simply by turning the knobs. Handles are adjustable to fit any bed height. The system is universal and will work on either side of the bed. Installation takes about 35-45 minutes. It can support up to 300 lbs. (with a 1 ¼” deflection, with no permanent deformation). Fits standard ceiling heights 93″ – 99″ (optional extension is available up to 10′ ceilings). Paint:  100% Powder Coat, textured finish. Shipping weight:  73 lbs.

Many People take one look at this product and say “Wow, I like how it works, but I don’t like how it looks. It’s too bulky and it doesn’t match my bedroom décor. The Get Out-of-Bed System™ is for people that are serious about helping themselves get out of bed more comfortably and much easier, without struggling. This product may not please someone who is more concerned about looks rather that their mobility and safety.

Optional Elliptical-Trapeze Attachment available.

Watch our video on our Product Videos Page to learn more.

The Get-Out-of Bed System™ Is Ideal For:

⇒ Assists When Walking Around Bed
⇒ Provides Balance and Support When Standing
⇒ Makes Getting In/Out of Bed Much Easier and Safer
⇒ Fall Prevention
⇒ Push or Pull to Change Sleep Position
⇒ Those Recovering From Hip or Knee Surgery
⇒ Amputees, Veterans and Seniors and Stroke Victims


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