Chair Help-Mate™


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My 78 year old father didn’t want me to order the chair mate, he said he would manage without any help.

I ordered it anyway! After I installed it, He loves it!! Thanks for this Life Transforming Product.


Help Is On The Way…

Do you need help getting up from your lift chair or recliner? Even though the electric powered lift chair raises your body to an almost standing position, many people still need extra assistance. Our Chair Help-Mate™ is for those who need something to pull-on to get themselves to a full standing position. They also need something to hold onto while preparing to sit down in the wheelchair or using their walker. The Chair Help-Mate™ offers a strong and sturdy 32” hand rail located beside the chair and extends towards the front giving the person support while standing themselves up. It is adjustable to any height making it comfortable for anyone, regardless of their disabilities. Installation takes about 25-30 minutes. Can support up to 300 lbs. (with 1 1/2” deflection with no permanent deformation). Fits standard ceiling heights 93″ – 99″ (optional extension is available up to 10′ ceilings). Paint:  100% Powder Coat, textured finish. Shipping weight:  34 lbs.

No more need for “back breaking” lifting or tugging while helping someone in and out of their chair.

Watch our video on our Product Videos Page to learn more.

The Chair Help-Mate™ Is Ideal For:

⇒ Assisted Mobility
⇒ Help Getting Up and Out of Lift Chair or Recliner
⇒ Provides Balance and Support upon Standing 
⇒ Those Recovering from Certain Injuries
⇒ Amputees, Veterans, and Seniors
⇒ Stroke Victims


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