1. What are the most important things for me to know and understand when ordering?

  1.  What is your ceiling height?
  2. Is your ceiling flat or sloped? If your ceiling is sloped, we need a floor to ceiling measurement near the location where product is to be installed.
  3. Do you have joists or rafters behind your ceiling or do you have A FALSE ceiling? Our products will not install on a false ceiling.
  4. Do you have a ceiling fan, lights, etc. that will interfere with our ceiling mount?
  5. If purchasing the Kitchen-Carousel™, you need to know what length handle is best suited for your kitchen. Skip to FAQ #15 or click on the link for more information and see the video on the Product Video page.

2. How are these products installed and secured?

The main pole extends from floor to ceiling and is locked in place by adjusting the threaded “Jack-Screw” located at bottom of pole (this applies about 200 lbs. of pressure between floor and ceiling). Then, to be absolutely sure the pole is secure and will not move or slip due to pushing, pulling and heavy loads (up to 300 lbs.) placed upon the hand rails, we recommend applying at least two wood screws through ceiling mount into ceiling joist and two screws through floor plate {See photos}. These products are incredibly strong, but the stability of these products greatly relies on how well the pole is secured to floor and ceiling. An easy to understand, step by step instruction manual is included with each product.

IMPORTANT:  Please don’t fret about the 30-40 minute installation time. Ask a family member or friend to help or install it for you.


3. Some people complain or comment they don’t like the look of a pole reaching from floor to ceiling in their home. "How do you respond?"

Those comments remind me of when my father gave me my first car in 1967. It wasn’t a car, it was a beat-up hand-me-down pick-up truck, and he didn’t “give” it to me, I had to pay him weekly payments. I told him people would make fun of me driving this ugly truck, He said “Park it, Leave it be, and continue getting around the best way you can”.

4. Are these Products Imported?

NO, NO, NO…..ALL of our products are 100% American made with American Sweat, American Blood, and American Pride. We do not outsource or import anything. We believe in old fashioned capitalism.

5. How long does it take to install these products?

For the Self Assist Strong Pole™, about 15 minutes. For the Get Out-of-Bed System™, about 30-35 minutes. You will probably spend more time reading the instructions than doing the work.

IMPORTANT:  These products will greatly increase a loved one’s Mobility, Quality of Life and Safety. So please take your time, follow the instructions, you will be Amazed at what these devices will do for a loved one!

6. What tools do I need to complete the installation?

Measuring tape, level, small power drill and stud finder if available (available at Lowe’s &  Home Depot under $20). For some products, there is one small ¼ inch diameter hole that must be drilled into the strong pole to make the handle stationary. We provide the ¼ inch drill bit.

7. Can I install these products myself?

If you are a disabled person or unable to reach the ceiling, DO NOT attempt to install these products! We highly recommend getting a family member, neighbor or someone from your church to do the installation for you. Installation usually takes about 20-35 minutes to complete. Installation is NOT difficult or complicated.

8. Can these products be installed in a mobile home?

Yes, be sure to measure from floor to ceiling for exact height. Mobile homes ceilings vary from 7′ to 9′.

9. Will these products attach to sloped ceilings?

Yes. Be sure to order the pivot-style ceiling mount for sloped ceilings.

10. Does the ceiling mount scratch or mar my ceiling?

No, the ceiling mount and floor plates have 1/8 inch thick rubber backing that protects the ceiling and floor. In addition, the rubber backing prevents slippage.

11. My mother say’s she does not want or need any device to help her around the house, although she has trouble getting out of her bed and chair and she has fallen two times already. How can I convince her to order your products?

Experts say that older folks don’t want to admit they need help. However, once our product is installed, they wished they had ordered it much earlier. My mother was the same way, she thought she was 35 and bullet proof, until she fell and broke her hip.

12. My mother is 83 years old with failing health, and at times she is unable to get out of bed. Can your products help?

Yes, you need to view our Get Out-of-Bed System™ video. This system will not only help her to get out of bed, but will help change sleeping positions and the strong rotating handle will assist her while walking around her bed. It is for those who need much more help and sometimes require a caretaker’s assistance. This revolutionary new product is guaranteed to make getting out of bed much more comfortable, easier and safer. In addition to those that have even more difficulty and need additional assistance, you may want to add the Elliptical-Trapeze Attachment

These products have proven to be an Amazing Life Changer!

13. My doctor‘s orders are for me to walk, but I don’t want to risk falling outside or enduring the harsh weather conditions

The Self Assist Walk-Around™ is perfect for so many reasons:

  1. It allows you to exercise in the safety of your own home.
  2. It provides balance and support during walking therapy.
  3. It has a patent pending brake system that allows you to adjust the resistance of the double grab bar’s rotation.
  4. Can watch television without it obstructing your view.
  5. Can use the double grab bar for pulling yourself up off your chair/sofa.

14. I live alone and have to prepare my own meals. Is there a product that can help me get around in the kitchen?

Yes. Our patent pending Kitchen-Carousel™ makes getting around in the kitchen safe and convenient. The included bread basket attached to the front of the rotating grab bar, keeps the user hands free while walking to the sink, stove, oven, fridge or other destination in the kitchen. The user places items in the bread basket so that they may be able to carry items from one place to another all while holding to the strong and sturdy hand rail with both hands.

Click on the link to take you directly to the Product Videos page to watch the video about this amazing product.

15. How do I determine the handle length needed for the Kitchen-Carousel?

1. Using a measuring tape,  stand approximately in center of kitchen.
2. Extend measuring tape and rotate in a 360 degree circle.
3. Determine which length handle will work best for your particular kitchen. Handle lengths are available in 24, 32, and 44 inches.

For very large kitchens, you may need 2 carousels to have full access to your kitchen. See our pictures for illustrations on our Kitchen-Carousel™ page.

For a demonstration and illustrations, watch the video on the Product Videos page.

16. My wife and I are very mobile, but because of our weight conditions, we have somewhat difficulty getting out of bed. What do you suggest?

The Pillow Side Help-Mate™ allows you to use the strong and sturdy grab bar to change sleep positions and to assist you in getting out of bed. Getting out of bed and re-positioning yourself has never been so easy and safe.

The Self Assist Strong Pole™ is helpful if you need little help getting out of bed. It can also be used in other parts of the home where you need assistance getting up from a chair, sofa, toilet or even getting in and out of a tub/shower. Adding the Strong Pole to your home makes the transition from sitting to standing much easier and safer for the user.

Click on the links to go directly to the product page to see which is the best fit for you.

17. I need something safer in the bathroom for my parents. They already have some grab bars mounted in bathroom, but too many steps are taken without the assistance of another grab bar.

The Shower and Tub Personal Assistant™ allows a person to hold onto the sturdy hand rails every step they make while entering and exiting the shower or tub making the transition much safer and easier. The strong 42” double rails are secured to the strong pole and will not move or rotate. The user will hold onto the upper rail while stepping into the shower or tub, then has the option to hold onto the lower rail while sitting in the shower chair. A MUST HAVE for those that are vulnerable to fall. Supports up to 250 lbs

18. Will the self assist products be tall enough to accommodate my very high bed?

Yes. Our bedside products such as: The Get Out-of-Bed System™ and The Pillow Side Help-Mate™  are made to be adjusted for a person’s bed height during installation. Have the user test the product using only the set screws in place to get a good idea of where the grab bar should be. Once the desired bed height has been achieved, the product can now be secured.

19. Do you have trouble getting out of your chair or sofa?

When you need just a little help getting off of your chair or sofa, the Self Assist Strong Pole™  aids in gaining balance and is used for pulling your body up off the chair or sofa.

However, if you require more help and assistance, you may need the Chair Help-Mate™. It has a sturdy hand rail located beside the chair or sofa and extends towards the front. It also aids in gaining balance and is used for pulling your body up off the chair or sofa and gives the person support while standing.

Click on the Green Product Name and it will direct you to that specific page for more information.

20. What if I ordered one of your products and it’s not helping me like I thought it would? Can I return it?

We stand behind our products 100%!

Because we are so confident our products will improve your Mobility and Safety, we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked!

How it Works:  If you do not benefit using the product, you have 30 days after receiving your product to return it, and we will refund your purchased price. We require that you pay for the return shipping cost.